Friday, 16 March 2012

I made a garden...
All this allotment themed work really makes me miss the colour green, living at the beach is lovely but plants don't seem to appreciate being outside. Forced to face the harsh North Sea air, they tend to crinkle up and look sad, so they end up living out the rest of their days in the kitchen. So I decided to gradually build up a garden using artificial plants! I only have two at the moment though, but I'll get there. I'm really proud, I think I've been on the balcony about fifty times in the past two days admiring it and fussing over it. Small pleasures. x

1 comment:

  1. How cool is this. What you have done looks great. I love the table and the rope finishes it off with a semi-nautical theme. I think that it should be entered into the Chelsea Flower Show.
    It is the imagination and creativity that gets me. I could see you developing this into a book about the girl living by the sea longing for a garden etc etc… I will leave the rest to you.