Monday, 12 March 2012

Garden Trellis...
Homemade trellis with creeping vine entwined (twigs, garden wire and paper!).


  1. I really like the things that you are posting. So imaginative
    I was in a garden centre at the weekend and saw some wide weave hessian bags for storing potatoes (or other vegetable things) for sale. I immediately thought of you and wondered how you would use these in your art work.

    1. Thank you! The hessian bags sound great, I love the texture of hessian and may have to keep an eye out for such bags!

  2. I love the freshness in your work. It's so cool to see someone going in a new direction. In your profile you say that you like banjos. Do you play? Your newest follower, Connie

  3. Thank you! And thanks for following, it's much appreciated! I play a bit claw hammer banjo, though not as much or as good as I'd like! I'm studying for a Masters at uni at the moment and I have to admit that sadly the banjo has been temporally abandoned!
    All the best,
    Anna x