Monday, 10 October 2011

Hey Little Hen...
When, when, when will you lay me an egg for my tea! What a lovely morning I've had, as part of my research for my MA project I have been up my Uncle Joe's allotment taking photographs and recording the sounds of such a place. The children's book I am producing is set in allotment therefore I figured a bit of primary research wouldn't go a miss. I dare not think how long it's been since I was last up there, maybe 12-14 years? We used to have great fun up the allotment, my brother, two cousins and I, we would spend most of the school holidays there. I fed a hedgehog worms once, spent a day catching grasshoppers with the intent of taking them back for my Gran (one jumped on Gillian's face), and can vividly remember the desperate panic as we scrambled on top of the shed to avoid a good pecking off the erratic black and white duck.

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