Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I realised that as I no longer have loads and loads of university work to keep me occupied I could quite easily fall in to the abyss that is daytime television. So I have written a long list of things that will keep me busy and out of mischief. First of all I tidied my desk, not a big deal, but it did take an awful long time because it was littered with scraps of paper and caked in spilled paint! I have also decided that I would like to continue my studies and do the MA course in Illustration and Design, I feel like I will seriously benefit from the course and it will also allow me an opportunity to make some contacts in the illustration industry over the coming year, whilst giving me the opportunity to develop further and produce a hopefully impressive portfolio. So I've written a personal statement, filled in all the forms and photocopied my certificates and what not. 
I am also making a promise to myself that I will play at least one hour of my banjo every day till I am mint, busking quality equals money. Talking of money I am definately gonna sort some bits and pieces out for an etsy shop, I have a few ideas up my sleeve and will start once I get a couple of commisions out of the way, a couple of pet portraits. An ongoing project which is on my list is the completion of my Roker book, to get it up to a commercial state before forwarding it on to the local historical society and publishers. All of this business aside I need to get a job, a real I am job. One that will pay the rent, keep me fed and watered and will help support me through my masters, if my application is successful.
I have some new business cards arriving this week so I guess that is a small step in the right direction. I am in the middle of sorting out a website too, so once that is complete I will post a link, it's nothing fancy as I have no skills in that department, I used a template, and would really recommend them as they are so helpful and have practically done everything for me! My next task of the day is to make a cup of peppermint tea and start binding an extra book for my forthcoming exhibition!
On a totally separate topic, when I woke up this morning something huge ran across my pillow and jumped at my face, it was a spider with a body the size of a penny and thick long legs! It actually tried to get on my face! I was home alone so had to deal with it in a cowardly and brutal manner, and then once I cleaned up the remains I started to cry. It's probably been crawling all over me in my sleep for days, I feel violated. I hate to kill things but it was a moment of panic. I'm sorry if you had babies Mrs Spider. (I presume you were female because you were huge, no offence).

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  1. Your workspace looks much tidier that mine. I love the birds on the wall. My mother had some of these. The problem was that she lived in a ‘prefab’ (temporary housing built after the war) bungalow at the time. It was built a little bit like the early scenery for Coronation Street. When you closed a door the walls would move and a bird would fly to the floor. I never knew what happened to these, I imagine that they eventually ended up in many pieces.
    Best of luck with your commissions, I hope you pick up plenty of work.
    PS I have just had a look at your website. I like the fresh crisp feel to it and your row of birds are beautiful.