Monday, 27 June 2011

This weekend...
Was perfect. My other half bought tickets to fly over to Belfast, stay in a beautiful hotel, and go and see the Fleet Foxes at the Coors Open House Festival for my birthday slash graduation. I think my highlight was possibly the discovery of the Low Anthem, an American indie folk band from Providence, Rhode Island, to say they were utterly amazing is an understatement, seriously check them out. The Fleet Foxes lived up to my expectations and went far beyond and blew me away. I love them. It was great to have a weekend away after all the stress of university and was a great opportunity to chill out. 
Today however, can basically go to hell. I discovered I had been missed out of the degree show catalogue by mistake. It has been printed on a mass scale and after Friday's opening evening distributed amongst guests including professionals and potential clients as a means of contact. Three years hard work to be forgotten. Cheers. They teach the importance of proof-reading projects before printing? I am absolutely gutted.


  1. Wow what a blow. Has your university a list of those who attended the degree show. If so they must contact every one of them giving them your details.

  2. D: thats AWFUL. What complete and utter imbeciles. You must demand something is done as they are sabotaging your future and causing you emotional distress! Use this opportunity to succeed even more.

  3. Anna! I did not know that! are sure to do well in spite this blunder! Your work is brilliant!