Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Just an idea...
Bring back long hair and beards and peace and love will follow. I think it might work, in fact I am going to start some sort of campaign, this is the official beginning. Inspired primarily by my love of John Lennon and his beard, my longing to have been around in the summer of love, and my general dissatisfaction with todays society, this campaign could change the world. Maybe not. But it has given me a few quirky ideas for badges and postcards based around my little philosophy. If I start growing a beard when I'm an old lady I am totally going to embrace it. 


  1. I had a theory that everytime I cut my hair my current boyfriend would dump me. And the hits would! The only one who didn't was my husband but he always complained after anyway. Long hair is definitely the way forward.

  2. Remember the saying “hair today gone tomorrow “. Well tomorrow is today for me. If I could I would follow your campaign. At least I had my long hair in the late sixties.
    The love has never gone away but is sometimes difficult to find it today. The world has gotten more self-centred.

  3. I have a theory that my dreadlocks are where my strength is; the longer they are the stronger I am, and the beard helps too.

    Peace and Love