Monday, 2 May 2011

The Legend of Spottie...
One illustration from a collection illustrating the tale of Spottie, a local legend from times gone by. Created using a scrap of patterned paper, newspaper, water colour and ink. Spottie was a shipwrecked sailor from foreign lands. Washed up on the coast of Roker during the 18th century, he set up home in a cave in Holey Rock. He was given his nickname because of the spotty shirt he wore. He survived by looking for food on nearby farms, frightening locals with his strange accent. The fishwives of Whitburn would once walk along the sands to take the catch into Sunderland, however they were so frightened of Spottie they began going by sea. Old tales suggest he would lure ships onto the rocks by lighting beacons along the cliffs, others say his cave was a place of evil. One day Spottie vanished and it is thought that he died deep within the bowels of his cave and that he still remains there.

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