Thursday, 24 March 2011

Seven Stories...
My work illustrating the poem 'Morning' by Alistair Robinson, is up in the Seven Stories gallery in Newcastle at the moment. Went to the prize giving yesterday, was really nice to see everyone's work up, there was a lovely variety and I dare say it all looked pretty professional! There were cash prizes for first, second and third place, and then three pieces were highly commended, I was one of them along with dominic inman, but our prizes are a top secret mystery at the moment, to be honest I'd be over the moon with a Kinder Egg, in fact I kinda have my heart set on one and will be pretty gutted if I have to do without, fingers crossed, except I wouldn't like one that contained a jigsaw or an orange pod, because that's when ya get the little models and there's nout to build, I would like a yellow pod and wouldn't mind some sort of car in mine, one where ya get to put the stickers on!

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  1. Congratulations on the prize and exhibition, that is a properly fantastic achievement! I also feel your Kinder Egg frustration... I can never help the pure feeling of excitement when one comes into my possession... then you realise it's a rubbish toy... no challenge. Hope you get one soon!